18  MAY 2024
15 JUNE 2024
20 JULY 2024
   17 August 2024

To introduce Junior and Adult shooters to the sport of  Service Rifle Shooting;
and to provide an opportunity for civilian - juniors and adults - to develop a degree of proficiency with the Service Rifle.

Open to: 
Club members and the public (limited to the first 30 entrants)

Subjects to be covered in the clinic will include safety and purposes of rules and their application during matches; duties and responsibilities of competitors; equipment, range control and commands, marking and scoring system; aiming, positions, trigger control, sustained fire and sight adjustment.

Registration and Target Assignments: 7:30 am     
Clinic and Setup: 8:00 am

Entry Fees
*See ammo note below
$40.00 per Junior Entrant
$45.00 per Portage-Summit Field and Stream Member
$50.00 per Adult Non-Member

Make check or money order payable to:  PORTAGE-SUMMIT FIELD and  STREAM CLUB, INC.

National Match Course:
      200 yards - 10 shots, slow fire, standing, 1 minute per shot
      200 yards - 10 shots, sustained fire, sitting or kneeling, from standing, 60 seconds
      200 yards - 10 shots, sustained fire, prone from standing, 70 seconds (300 yard reduced to 200 yard targets
      200 yards - 20 shots, slow fire, prone, 1 minute per shot (600 yard reduced to 200 yard targets)

Ammo and Rifles:
CMP Rifles (M1 Garand) and CMP .30-06 M2 Ball Ammunition will be supplied. 
You may bring your own service rifle and ammo - *deduct $30.00  from match fees.

Results of the match will be emailed or mailed approximately 1 to 2 weeks after the match.

New Shooter Equipment Suggestion:
      Spotting Scope (20X is good) or binoculars
      Shooting Jacket or at least two sweatshirts to help absorb rifle recoil
      Left-hand Glove (right hand shooters):  Right-hand Glove (left-hand shooters)
      Something to sit on
      Eye Protection (mandatory)
      Ear Protection (mandatory)
      Rain Gear

For additional information, contact:  Brian Burkhardt - 330-296-8507